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Without electricity, it is hard to imagine Mowsley as it is today. In the past people used candles to light their houses when there wasn't any electricity. Modern living is dependent on electricity and without electricity, it would be impossible to for human life to strive as it does today. You may be surprised at how vital electricity is to your daily life, which becomes clear as day when there is sudden power cut. In events such as this most people call upon the service of local Mowsley based electricians to restore their power and get their lives back to normal. As technology becomes more advanced and our dependence on electricity increases many houses and offices across the UK will need the services of an electrician to improve the electrical infrastructure of homes across Mowsley and the UK. While electricity has countless benefits, it is also very dangerous when not properly controlled or respected. Many people don't pay attention to electrical safety, despite knowing about the dangers. Overcharging electrical sockets can result in overheating sockets and electrical fires. Computers, domestic appliances can be also be severely damaged by electrical socket overloading and consequential fire can even cause death.

How Electricity is Essential to Our Daily Lives

Electricity is required for all domestic appliances and lighting. Electricity is essential for the running of most of our modern-day services, including schools, hospitals, and retail shops. Electricity has improved mankind immeasurably and has enabled us to make giant leaps in healthcare, transport and agriculture.

Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn't attempt to do electrical work if aren’t qualified

You might believe that you it would cheaper and more convenient to attempt to do all the domestic wiring work yourself. This is misconception which many people make which often results in injury or damage to the property. It’s important to be aware of the potential dangers associated with working with and near electricity. Failing to fix an electric appliance correctly may pose a risk of electrocution or even be the catalyst for a fire. Your safety and that of your family are the most important things you should consider when doing any home improvement work. While some electrical home repairs can be completed relatively quickly and easily, more complex projects should be left to a qualified electrician. All complex electrical wiring and repair work should be completed by a professional electrician who has the equipment and skills to get it done safely. To be licensed as an electrician in Mowsley, an electrician needs to have had extensive training and be familiar with current UK electrical safety laws and regulations. You should not attempt to do any electrical work without doing some prior extensive research. Qualified electricians are fully insured to work on your home and know the dangers associated with working with Electricity. An electrician is required to wear safety gear and perform inspections when they carry out their work as one mistake or miscalculation could cause severe injury or death. Although it might seem more affordable to hire any electrician in Mowsley, you might be taking an unnecessary risk if the contractor is not licensed. Many people believe they carry out complex electrical work after watching a few ‘how to’ videos online, but poor workmanship could result in serious injury and damage to you or your property. Homeowners who attempt to fix their lighting or electrical problems themselves often make the problem worse. A Mowsley-based electrician will be able to complete the task faster, more safely and with greater precision. It might seem like you could save some money by hiring an electrician to do your electrical work. While you may be able to save money at first, it could end up being more expensive over the long-term. You will need an electrician to fix electrical issues caused by your actions. Unqualified electricians can be more expensive than professional contractors who are qualified to do the job. A licensed electrician will often be able get parts and appliances at a lower price than an independent contractor. A licensed electrician would be able to diagnose and correct the issue. Working with an unlicensed electrician could pose a risk to your safety and that of your family which is a mistake that many people in Mowsley make.

UK Electrical Safety Laws & Regulations

When you modify your home's electrical wiring, circuits or other installations, it is a legal requirement that these workscomply with Part P of the UK’s Electrical Safety Building Regulations. A general tradesman who isn’t licensed to do electrical work, such as a handyman or general builder would not have the authority to check that it conforms with UK Electrical Safety Standards and sign it off as safe. It is possible to receive legal action if an electrician, builder or other person falsifies an electric safety installation certificate. A non-certified electrician can cause problems when a seller attempts to sell their house because most mortgage lenders and insurance companies would require electrical safety certificates to be produced before they sign off on a mortgage or provide insurance. In 2005, Part-P of the UK Building Regulations were included in the electrical safety regulations which ensures landlords produce regular copies of these documents and provide them to their tenants.

Unregistered electricians might still be able to install an electrical system properly, but it's possible they could also create an unsafe system that doesn't conform to current UK approved work practices. A Building Regulations Compliance Certificate would not be produced which may pose issues to the homeowner if they are planning on selling the property in the near future.  It is easy to fall prey to someone who says they are qualified to install your electrical system. However, they would not be legally authorized to issue the certificate. This certification will be required when you move or apply for a mortgage. A registered electrician is a thoroughly trained expert with years of training who can repair most electrical safety problems and issue an electric installation certificate on compeltion. The certificate may be requested by the lawyer representing the buyer as part of the sale. Without an EICR, your house would be much harder to sell. You may require an EICR and may have to purchase additional building insurance. Each registered electrician is able to self-certify their electrical work. Every stage of the installation, design, and inspection process would undergo all the necessary testing. To verify an electrician's registration is indeed valid you should ask for the NICEIC number to verify each member's membership.

Do-it-yourself repairs can lead to higher costs and make it more difficult for you to be certain that you are following current regulations. There are not any regulations that prevent DIY electrical work in the UK. This has led to 29% Brits performing DIY electrical repairs at their homes. This is more than 18 million people. Do-it-yourself electrical repairs can be one of the most dangerous forms of home improvement. Although it may seem like a good idea to save money, the end result could be disastrous. A quarter of all these repairs are due to something going wrong. Even though construction workers are properly trained and have all the necessary equipment, electrical shocks remain a major cause of death on the job. The lack of proper training and protection equipment increases the danger of homeowners trying to do electrical work. If the wires are frayed or damaged, you could get an electric shock. It is important to have your electrical systems regularly checked by an electrician, whether you are a homeowner or landlord renting out properties. It is a requirement that all electrical components must pass an inspection before being used. Many people don't realize this requirement or forget to inspect electrical components before they can be used in repairs at their homes. It can pose serious risks to homeowners and result in substantial fines. You could get in trouble if the property fails to meet the requirements when you sell it. An electrician will make your repairs more efficient, faster, and will pass all inspections. You can do more damage than good if you try to repair something you don't know how to do. There are risks involved in working with electric wiring, such as melting or frying wires. This is possible due to lack of experience and knowledge. It is possible to cause serious damage, requiring costly replacements of appliances or major electrical work that could even extend to wiring a section of your house.

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